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National Association for Uniformed Services

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50th District Congressional         Seth Lynn from Veteran's Campaign    NAUS 2013 Annual Meeting
     Debate presented by                  on MSNBC's "Taking the Hill"           Keynote Speaker Gen. John Allen,
NAUS & Veterans Campaign
                             9/28/14                                      USMC (Ret).
             9/26/2014                                                                                                10/19/13


Since 2011 the National Association for Uniformed Services (NAUS), has warned of the coming assault on military benefits. That assault is now under way in earnest. It appears that many of our political, military and other leaders are saying, “Well, the war is over. We don’t need them anymore. We don’t need to honor the promises we made when we recruited them, so to heck with the troops.” They suggest it’s okay for the nation to renege on the promises made to the men and women, the 1 percent of our population, who, at any one time, have fought our wars and protected the other 99 percent. Somehow they seem to think that the place to solve our national financial problems is on the shoulders of those who serve in uniform. Click here to read more...


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